Start-Up Loan

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Our customized financial solutions to bring your lifelong dream to life

We care about your first journey

This is all about the partnership on the path to your success.

Our startup loans are more than just financial support
  • Your financial well-being comes first
    Your financial journey is one-of-a-kind, and our flexible payment plans are here to ensure your loan repayment schedules are adapted to your incomes.

  • Go solo or with a partner
    Our loans put you in the driver’s seat – no coborrowers needed, you have the independence to chase your dreams.

  • Let’s make it happen together
    With a 20% investment, we become more than just a creditor – we become your co-investor in the future.

Your story is unique, and so is the financing we offer

Your business journey starts without any added pressure.

  • Loan Amount
    Select a loan amount up to 5,000 euros that matches your vision for success.

  • Loan term
    Loan term extended up to 60 months, allows you to manage your business journey with ease.

  • Admin fee
    No disbursement fees, it means your business journey starts without any added pressure.

  • Grace Period
    No worry about immediate repayments during first 12 months for agriculture and 3 months for other businesses.

Loan Application Process: Step by Step

Experience an application process built on trust, efficiency, and your unique needs

  • 1

    Online Application
    When you apply online, our team will contact you, reaching out for identification verification and conducting a thorough credit history check to expedite your loan journey

  • 2

    Registration and Document Submission
    After validating your credit history the loan application will be processed for final assessment

  • 3

    Loan Approval and Contract Signing
    Upon approval, you will be invited to sign the loan contract and instantly receive your approved funds, making the process seamless

Start your application

Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process

FINCA Kosovo Loan Rates And Conditions

FINCA Kosovo continues to champion financial inclusion by offering a wide range of products, including several specifically tailored to women, rural customers and others who traditionally have been underserved.

Learning and Development for Women

Tools and knowledge to navigate the world of finance, making your aspirations a reality. Continue your journey here and learn more about registration and training.

Customer Success

“Opening my own makeup artist business had always been a dream, but financial constraints made it challenging. When I discovered the opportunity at FINCA, I got a loan that enabled me to launch my small business. I am now extremely content with the income generated from my venture.” – Arta Zogaj

Frequently Asked Questions

ID Document and proof of address and may also depend on conditions filed by the customer.

The maximum loan amount can reach up to 3,000 euros.

The maturity period typically spans up to 60 months.

The loan processing time depends on the loan amount and specific conditions, but in most cases, funds are disbursed within the same day.

The requirement for collateral is contingent on the loan amount.

Your loan costs, which include annual interest rate, will be shared with you during the branch visit, as payables depend on loan amount, term, grace period and other conditions that will be defined during the meeting at our branch.

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