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Our financing options are designed to make it easy for you to enhance your living space, increase property value, and create the home you’ve always wanted

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  • Your maximum potential
    Our loans cater to your aspirations, with amounts ranging from 250 to 25,000

  • Loan term
    maximum loan term of 60 months, manage easily your repayments

  • Inclusive Income Assessment
    Whether wages, rent, or self-employment, we consider divers income sources

  • Consideration for Agricultural and Business Income
    We’ve got you covered with a grace period to support your needs

Maximize Benefits with €5,000 Loans or Less

With a good credit history, fulfill your plans with loan up to €5,000

  • Simple Lending
    Your borrowing journey is effortless with us, – no co-borrower needed
  • Ease of Mind
    Unlock your potential without locking away your assets – your vision matters

  • Trust-Based Financing
    No Guarantee Required- We support your ambition without the burden of formal guarantees

  • Swift Processing
    Simple process that only requires your official ID -no need for extra paperwork

Loan Application Process: Step by Step

Experience an application process built on trust, efficiency, and your unique needs

  • 1

    Online Application
    When you apply online, our team will contact you, reaching out for identification verification and conducting a thorough credit history check to expedite your loan journey

  • 2

    Registration and Document Submission
    After validating your credit history the loan application will be processed for final assessment

  • 3

    Loan Approval and Contract Signing
    Upon approval, you will be invited to sign the loan contract and instantly receive your approved funds, making the process seamless

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Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process

FINCA Kosovo Loan Rates And Conditions

FINCA Kosovo continues to champion financial inclusion by offering a wide range of products, including several specifically tailored to women, rural customers and others who traditionally have been underserved.

3 steps before taking a loan

What is a loan? – A loan is an amount received on the condition that it will be repaid within a pre-agreed period and according to a pre-agreed schedule in stages or at once, usually along with the accrued interest.

Customer Success

“FINCA has consistently been there for me whenever I needed support. From the moment I began investing in renovating my home, I turned to FINCA for a loan. Their speed, professionalism, and favorable loan conditions have made the entire process convenient and efficient.” – Ilmi Rama

Frequently Asked Questions

ID Document and proof of address and may also depend on conditions filed by the client

Up to 25,000 euros can be used as a renovation loan to transform your living space

From 3 months to 60 months

Depends on the loan amount and credit history of the applicant

Depends on the loan amount and credit history of the applicant

Your loan costs, which include annual interest rate, will be shared with you during the branch visit, as payables depend on loan amount, term, grace period and other conditions that will be defined during the meeting at our branch

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