About Us

FINCA Kosovo is a pioneer in financial inclusion. With decades of experience and the support of a global network, we deliver tools that help our customers build a better future.

FINCA Kosovo empowers customers by providing products, services and education they need most to improve their standard of living, build financial health and resilience, and keep their children in school.

We opened our doors in 2000 with the goal of expanding access to responsible financial services to help Kosovo’s people recover from war. Today, we continue to champion financial inclusion by offering a wide range of products, including several specifically tailored to women, rural customers and others who traditionally have been underserved.

Digital technology makes it possible for tens of thousands of customers to do business with us anytime, anywhere, and free financial education and skills training offered through our new Learning and Development Center helps them achieve their financial goals.

FINCA Kosovo is a branch of FINCA International, a US-based non-profit organization established in 1984 which is dedicated to providing a wide range of solutions designed to end poverty worldwide.

Client Protection Certified

FINCA Kosovo has earned gold level Client Protection Certification from Cerise+SPTF, granted by global rating agency MFR. This certification demonstrates that FINCA Kosovo meets the most rigorous standards of Client Protection found in Cerise+SPTF’s Universal Standards for Social Performance Management.