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Funds tailored for your convenience; our business loans offer the flexibility you deserve

  • Loan amount 
    Develop your business projects with amounts up to €25,000

  • Your terms, your conditions
    Get peace of mind with a loan term of up to 60 months

  • Up to 3-Month Grace Period
    providing you the freedom to grow your business without the rush if repayment

  • No Business Registration Required
    With loans up to 10,000€, we put our trust in your vision with a simple process to help you achieve your goals

Maximize Benefits with €5,000 Loans or Less

With a good credit history, you unlock bigger opportunities for your business venture loan up to €5,000

  • Simple Lending
    Your borrowing journey is effortless with us, – no co-borrower needed

  • Ease of Mind
    Unlock your potential without locking away your assets – your vision matters

  • Trust-Based Financing
    No Guarantee Required- We support your ambition without the burden of formal guarantees

  • Swift Processing
    Simple process that only requires your official ID -no need for extra paperwork

Loan Application Process: Step by Step

Experience an application process built on trust, efficiency, and your unique needs

  • 1

    Online Application
    When you apply online, our team will contact you, reaching out for identification verification and conducting a thorough credit history check to expedite your loan journey

  • 2

    Registration and Document Submission
    After validating your credit history the loan application will be processed for final assessment

  • 3

    Loan Approval and Contract Signing
    Upon approval, you will be invited to sign the loan contract and instantly receive your approved funds, making the process seamless

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Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process

FINCA Kosovo Loan Rates And Conditions

FINCA Kosovo continues to champion financial inclusion by offering a wide range of products, including several specifically tailored to women, rural customers and others who traditionally have been underserved.

Learning and Development Center

We offer free financial literacy training programs through the FINCA Learning and Development Center. The training sessions are designed to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills needed to take control of their financial health and develop their business communication skills.

Customer Success

“In preparation for the summer season, I required a loan to invest in my small tailor business. To my pleasant surprise, I received the loan swiftly, within the same day, and the documentation requirements were not as extensive as I had expected. My loyalty to FINCA extends beyond favorable loan conditions; it’s the exceptional staff at the branch where I got the loan that makes me want to remain a part of FINCA.” – Arta Kazazi – Shala

Frequently Asked Questions

ID Document and proof of address and may also depend on conditions filed by the customer.
The maximum loan amount can reach up to 25,000 euros, but this is subject to variation based on the loan product.
The maturity period typically spans up to 60 months, yet it can vary depending on the specific loan product

The loan processing time depends on the loan amount and specific conditions, but in most cases, funds are disbursed within the same day.

The necessity of a guarantor depends on the loan amount, specific loan product and credit history of the applicant.

The requirement for collateral depends on the loan amount, specific loan product and credit history of the applicant.

Your loan costs, which include annual interest rate, will be shared with you during the branch visit, as payables depend on loan amount, term, grace period and other conditions that will be defined during the meeting at our branch.

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