Life Improvement

Quick path towards your financial freedom

Elevate your prospects and take charge of your financial well-being by leveraging this flexible loan to invest in a brighter future

Empower your dreams with a Life Improvement loan

Your future is waiting – a personal loan can be your bridge to a brighter tomorrow

  • Enhanced Loan Options
    Take control of your finances with a loan up to 5000 euros, to enjoy greater freedom

  • Flexible Payment Plans
    Customize your loan with a 36-month term for a comfortable Journey

Smooth lending experience for clients with a good credit history

With amounts up to 5,000 euros, your journey starts here – it’s simpler than you think even when seeking the maximum loan amount

  • No Co-borrowers needed
    We believe in your by providing a loan independently – no co-borrowers needed

  • No Need for a Guarantor
    You do not need a guarantor, we trust in you

  • Collateral-Free Loans
    Enjoy the convenience of unsecured loans – no collateral is necessary

  • Hassle-Free Application
    Leave behind the hassle of paperwork, references, or bank statements for a loan under 5,000 euros

Loan Application Process: Step by Step

Experience an application process built on trust, efficiency, and your unique needs

  • 1

    Online Application
    When you apply online, our team will contact you, reaching out for identification verification and conducting a thorough credit history check to expedite your loan journey

  • 2

    Registration and Document Submission
    After validating your credit history the loan application will be processed for final assessment

  • 3

    Loan Approval and Contract Signing
    Upon approval, you will be invited to sign the loan contract and instantly receive your approved funds, making the process seamless

Start your application

Applying for a loan with us is a straightforward and convenient process

FINCA Kosovo Loan Rates And Conditions

FINCA Kosovo continues to champion financial inclusion by offering a wide range of products, including several specifically tailored to women, rural customers and others who traditionally have been underserved.

How to plan a budget

A budget is a plan you develop to decide how you will spend your money at certain period (every day, week, month, year) and this plan shows you: how much money you make and how you spend.

Customer Success

“I obtained a loan from FINCA to address some emergency expenses, and their prompt and welcoming service was remarkable. The staff displayed great understanding, prioritizing my situation after I informed them about the urgency of my case.” – Shqipe Mjeku

“I recall my initial visit to FINCA when I sought information about loan conditions. Since that day, I’ve remained loyal because of their consistently prompt and accurate presentation of loan terms.” – Fazlie Demaku

Frequently Asked Questions

ID Document and proof of address and may also depend on conditions filled by the client

Up to 5,000 euros

The maturity period ranges from 3 to 36 months

The loan processing time depends on the loan amount and specific conditions, but in most cases, funds are disbursed within the same day

Having a working contact is not an absolute prerequisite, but it may be required depending on the loan amount and other specific circumstances

Depends on the loan amount and your credit history

Depends on the loan amount and your credit history

Your loan costs, which include annual interest rate, will be shared with you during the branch visit, as payables depend on loan amount, term, grace period and other conditions that will be defined during the meeting at our branch

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