FINCA Kosovo is part of the FINCA Impact Finance network, a group of 19 microfinance and banks that provides socially-responsible financial services and enables low-income individuals and communities to invest in their futures.

Founded in year 1999, it is one the largest Microfinance Institution in Kosovo, providing accountable finance access for low-income entrepreneurs, businesses, agriculture and small and medium-sized enterprises to support its employees and to create new jobs.

Since year 2000, FINCA Kosovo has helped thousands of Kosovars to improve their lives. FINCA Kosovo currently provides financial services in 30 cities, offering credit products to micro-entrepreneurs. It consists of more than 250 dedicated and experienced professionals in building a sustainable microfinance program and providing long-term solutions to the needs of its clients.

Through new channels, utilizing technology to improve efficiency, and offering effective services, FINCA Kosovo is an organization that continuously brings innovations tailored to the ideas of our clients and employees.

Since, 2016, FINCA Kosovo is certified by the SMART Campaign for ‘Customer Protection’. This official acknowledgment was made after an in-depth assessment of all FINCA Kosovo’s processes and policies and highlighted FINCA’s serious commitment to high ethical standards in handling its clients. This includes: designing and providing the right products, preventing customer overload with debt, transparency, responsive prices, treating customers fairly and with respect, maintaining customer data privacy and complaints handling mechanisms.

Currently we offer a variety of products to help entrepreneurs, different businesses and farmers to develop new job opportunities through: women loan entrepreneur, business loan, agriculture, vehicle registration, renovation, etc.