FINCA Kosovo provides responsible access to finance for low-income entrepreneurs, businesses, and agribusinesses for small-medium-sized enterprises to support their employees and create new jobs.

We fulfill the FINCA Impact Finance purpose of providing innovative and impactful financial services to enable low-income individuals to invest in their futures. The following are some commonly promoted social values in FINCA Kosovo:

  • Providing financial services to greater numbers of poor and excluded people

  • Improving the quality and appropriateness of services already being offered

  • Increasing revenue generated by clients’ businesses

  • Building clients’ sense of empowerment

  • Reducing vulnerability

  • Alleviating poverty

  • Improving an MFI’s impact on the environment or the community


FINCA Kosovo conducts activities according to the highest ethical and professional standards and a strong commitment to the FINCA Impact Finance purpose. Integrity, teamwork, positiveness, efficiency and professionalism are the five key principles which define FINCA Kosovo’s approach to interactions with clients, employees and stakeholders.

FINCA Kosovo consists of more than 230 dedicated and experienced professionals in building a sustainable microfinance program to provide long-term solutions to the needs of its clients. We are an organization that continuously brings innovations tailored to the ideas of our clients and employees, aiming at finding the most efficient and effective means of providing financial services to our clients.


To provide financial products and services, FINCA Kosovo, organize Technical Literacy, and Business Education, creating new opportunities for clients to improve their quality of life and build promising futures.

Supporting the population in improving their living standards is a fundamental goal of FINCA Kosovo’s long-term project – “Technical Lectures”. FINCA Kosovo provides technical literacy training to help Micro Business Owners, Individuals, Families, Farmers, and Communities to improve knowledge on the development of Agricultural Businesses.
30 December 2018


Since year 2014, FINCA Kosovo has started to provide Technical Lectures to support Micro Business owners throughout Kosovo by professors at the Faculty of Agriculture. The purpose of these lessons is to improve knowledge on the development of Agricultural Businesses.


FINCA Kosovo has proven to be an institution with social and sensitive responsibilities, to every social problematic community by contributing with various activities and projects.