Zoran Cumpatovic, a modest man living in a small village close to the beautiful touristic hotspot of Brezovica in Kosovo, works as a security guard who supports his stay at home with his wife and their 4 children. At first his first relationship with a bank was a complete disappointment. That because he felt that there was no real connection concerning his needs. But all of this changed after he met FINCA’s employees.

Their warm welcome and kindness made Zoran change his mind about banks and financial institutions where he soon got his loan from FINCA. He developed a warm relationship with FINCA’s human resources and since then has continued to support FINCA and its mission.

“The human contact that their employees offered me and the way they supported me and my family, I will always be grateful, thank you FINCA.”

With his first ever loan with FINCA, he bought a cultivator in which he was able to cultivate his small modest garden. With his family garden, he was able to grow organic potatoes, tomatoes and beans from which he was able to well feed his close family. With the hay that he cuts, he is able to sell it to the local farmers for their purposes. He is also available to hand a helping hand to his neighbors with his machine, by also cultivating their lands with his loan from FINCA.