Xhevat Uka, the head of the household, first took out a loan with FINCA last year to invest in his land.

He has cultivated a truly family business with a communal household with his 21 family members where the whole family works in the business together.

His first experience with a loan was in one of the largest banks in Kosovo, but because the loan officer changed workplace from the bank in word to FINCA, Xhevat quickly chased him along and became one of FINCA’s most devoted clients.

Fully dedicated towards his loan officer, Xhevat is now one of the many clients that seek for the welcoming approach from FINCA’s employees and their guidance.

After the investment in his Agricultural land, his family has quickly been able to invest in crops in which he sells locally to a milk producing company and at times he also exports his produce to neighboring countries.

His main wish in life is for his 5 children to continue working in the family farming business so for them to always be true to themselves and their business to last forever.