Mrs. Xheva Haziri is one example that shows the empowerment of women in the entrepreneurial role in Kosovo. She is one of many women entrepreneur borrows in FINCA Kosovo and a devoted client. She lives in the Zbovc village in Shtime municipality. She is 53 years old, married and has 4 children.

At the beginning of the year 2013, she opened her individual business for processing and conservation of vegetables. After setting up her business, that year, she received her first loan from FINCA Kosovo with the amount of 700 euro to meet some of her business’s needs such as planting strawberries, buying seeds and regulating the water system. Also, with IKC (Initiative for Kosova Community) assistance, she planted her first strawberry seeds. After one year, she received another loan from FINCA Kosovo for a greenhouse, where she extended her product cultivation to tomatoes also.

When Mrs. Xheva received her third loan from FINCA Kosovo with the amount of 1,000 euro to meet the needs to further expand her business and to cultivate other fruits and vegetables. As a woman who runs her own business, she has had access to many different associations in Kosovo dedicated for training courses for fruit and vegetable processing. She also received training from FINCA Kosovo in collaboration with Women Association G7 on ISO Standards to prepare for exporting her products.

Her 28 year old son supports her in her business, and during the summer seasons, she employs seasonal workers.

The last loan she received in FINCA (fifth loan) she used it to expand her land, where she is expected to build a stable used for warehouse.

Her business operates in a municipality where there is very little competition, as 80% of her products are bio.

Her business is well positioned in the market and supplies stores and grocery markets. As her business is developing more and more, she has decided that from April 2019, she will begin with exporting her fruits and vegetables, and processed goods to the overseas market.

As a very satisfied customer in FINCA Kosovo, she states

‘Getting a loan (in FINCA) is a quick process, efficient and the staff are very helpful, I recommend to all women who do not have financial support for their business, to take a loan from FINCA, the loan is received promptly, with acceptable interest rates’