Shadije Asllani is 56 years old, from Gjilan. She is an independent woman and at the same time plays the role as the head of the household. Mrs. Shadije has 3 children, one of her children lives abroad while the other two live and work in Kosovo.

Mrs. Shadije, as a self-sustaining and willing woman, worked for several years at the municipal Agricultural Station and then in Afghanistan, where her idea for harvesting asparagus came. This type of business, according to her, is a much-needed business for Kosovo as the country did not cultivate asparagus at the time and there was a shortage supply in the Kosovar market.

Mrs. Shadije commenced her business with the assistance of USAID donations, who provided her twice free asparagus seed to harvest. As an independent woman of a start-up business, besides USAID assistance, she lacked financial support. This support she then found in FINCA Kosovo, in which she was able to buy equipment and install a water system.

She received 8,000 euro in her first loan with FINCA Kosovo, where she purchased her cultivation equipment. During that period, she saw the necessity to also buy a tractor for land processing, and again, through the second loan with FINCA with the amount of 10,000 euro, she expanded her business.

Her business now marks 5 years of operating successfully in the Kosovar market. Mrs. Shadije explains everything about cultivating asparagus, where cultivation, growing and up to selling the product, is a hard and expensive process because the asparagus seed is sown only once in every 15 years, and growing is a regular process. She currently has one hectare of land and foresees in the near future to expand her growing of asparagus by five to six tons by renting 10-hectare land. Besides selling individually, she also supplies markets, restaurants and grocery shops.

Mrs. Shadije is fully supported by her children, who help her develop her business, but, when she experiences a high amount of demand, she employs other family members.

As her business continues to grow more and more, parallel to the profits it brings, she has decided to go abroad for training on cultivating white asparagus and then grow it in Kosovo.

Mrs. Shadije, as an entrepreneurial woman, and an independent woman, says about FINCA

“If you have not found solutions in other banks, you will find it only in FINCA”