Salih Musliu, 45, lives in the village of Dumnice outside of Vushtrri with his wife, ten children, and four grandchildren. Five years ago, he decided to leave his work in the trading business to start a dairy farm.

He started with seven cows, and when he decided he wanted to grow his business, he used a 3,000 euro agriculture loan from FINCA to buy more livestock. Now he has twenty cows, and his milk and hay production has increased significantly.

The growth of his business has helped his family financially, and has provided many more benefits for all sixteen relatives. He hopes to take another loan to continue to increase the number of cows and to grow his farm. With the money he is earning he is able to employ his whole family.

Salih is very pleased with FINCA’s services and the FINCA staff because they give very clear details regarding the terms of his credit. Salih says,

“FINCA is the best for agriculture loans. You don’t have to wait to prove your credit, which is important in this type of work, when time is very valuable.”