COVID-19 pandemic brought many uncertainties related to economic and social situation. It proved to be particularly challenging for marginalized social and gender communities, including women.

New situation followed with curfews, limited economic activities, closing schools, urged the need to support the most vulnerable categories. Likewise, protecting staff has remained critically important for FINCA Kosovo since the beginning of the CV-19 virus spread.

In this regard, with the purpose of supporting the reduction of the virus transmission the most vulnerable categories of staff were excluded from showing up for work, and at the same time, in order to maintain their commitment and professional development, and meet job requirements while supporting their families, it became possible for them to work from home with flexible working hours.

The % of women in the institution is 51.7%, where the majority of the % of the female staff of Finca as always, and throughout the period with Covid-19 was strongly supported, in order to facilitate the care of family members, health or health needs.