FINCA Kosovo on the occasion of its 20th anniversary of establishment, has implemented several social activities in support of infants and children. It has mainly supported the Pediatric Wards at the University Clinical Center of Kosovo, to children in need of treatment in pediatric wards. FINCA Kosovo has invested in several different materials and inventory, facilitating the well-being of children and their accommodation during their health treatment. It has facilitated the accommodation of children by investing in closets and tables of different sizes and curtains throughout the ward. For the comfort of the kids who receive treatments in the ward, a special day care and playroom was fully renovated by FINCA Kosovo. This room is essential for creating a more attractive environment for sick children, and for this, FINCA Kosovo has invested in the creation of a completely new designed room. 

FINCA Kosovo also invested in the Neonatology Department, a department that treats newborns who face health problems after birth. This much needed investment in this ward, an apparatus for electrophysiological recording of the central nervous system ‘EEG’, was an urgent need in the ward. This device is portable, so that newborns do not need to change beds or rooms, and measures electrical activity in the brain.

FINCA Kosovo is committed to Kosovo’s economic development and the construction of small businesses and supporting through various activities, social and economic well-being.