FINCA Kosovo is committed to support women entrepreneurs in Kosovo.

One of the main goals of FINCA Kosovo, as an American Financial Institution, is the support of women on the professional side.

For this purpose, FINCA Kosovo launched the training program FINCA FemEdu, designed specifically for women entrepreneurs to provide advanced knowledge on access and positioning in the Kosovar market.

Namely, the content of the program is conceived in the acquisition of knowledge for business development in the economic, accounting and finance bases, effective communication and marketing measures available.

Interest in this training was expressed, not only by the entrepreneurs who are clients of FINCA Kosovo, but also by numerous other entrepreneurs who with high enthusiasm welcomed this program considering the specific market context and aiming to empower the role of women not only in economy, but also in Kosovo society.

The reason for this free training is to provide entrepreneurial women with support and knowledge in business and, consequently, improving their living conditions.

This activity contributes to the further materialization of FINCA Kosovo’s mission to deliver sustainable solutions to asset building and increase the standard of life of entrepreneurs.

The trainings will be held in cooperation with the Women’s Economic Chamber of Kosovo ‘G7’, an organization voluntarily established by seven Kosovar women under the auspices of the President, Atifete Jahjaga, former Minister of Trade and Industry, Mimoza Kusari – Lila American Embassy and USAID, to jointly strengthen the economic aspect of women.

Therefore, FINCA is willing to cooperate and provide detailed insights on various business topics that help little about women’s business.

For more detailed information on this training, contact FINCA Kosovo Contact Center, visit FINCA Kosovo’s official website or contact at 038 600 711 or 045 999 444.