FINCA Kosovo offers the FemEdu training program.The training will be held in cooperation with the Institute for Entrepreneuship and Small Bussines ‘IESB’.

FINCA Kosovo invites all interested candidates to apply for training by choosing their field of interest.

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In order to strengthen the position of women by aiming to increase the role of women in society, FINCA Kosovo launched the training program FINCA FemEdu on March the 8th, 2019. The training will be held in cooperation with the Women’s Economic Chamber of Kosovo ‘G7’, an organization voluntarily established by seven Kosovar women under the auspices of the President, Atifete Jahjaga, former Minister of Trade and Industry, Mimoza Kusari – Lila, American Embassy and USAID, to jointly strengthen the economic aspect of women.

The role of women is the foundation of success in every area of ​​life and the starting point for empowering women in society, work, and family.

The main goals of the program:

  • Empowering women in business
  • Empowering women in decision-making
  • Empowering women in society

FINCA Kosovo has pledged to be an example, empowering women in entrepreneurship, through providing better access to finance, and through financial education training to improve the knowledge needed to further develop their businesses.

In 2018 FINCA Kosovo launched for the first time in the market a new product dedicated to women entrepreneurship, FINCA Women Entrepreneurship Loan, with 0% administrative costs and attractive conditions for the development of their businesses.

The main reason behind this product is that every woman has the support and an easier solution in doing business and improving living conditions. Women Entrepreneurship Loan Product contributes to FINCA Kosovo’s mission to alleviate poverty through sustainable solutions by helping people build assets, create jobs, and increase their living standards.

In the framework of the FINCA FemEdu training program, our clients have the opportunity to choose the topics they need to support their businesses, such as: marketing, communication skills, finance and accounting, tailoring etc., training aimed at increasing productivity in businesses that they develop.

Participants can include FINCA female clients, female entrepreneurs, or women interested in increasing their knowledge.

FINCA Kosovo will continue its cooperation in other fields to assist women’s businesses in capacity building to further develop their businesses.

For more information on training and schedules, contact us at Contact Center at 045 999 444/038 600 711 or leave a message.